Sunday, January 6, 2013

The Start Of My Bento

The inspiration on bento-making came from Anne Teoh's kayraben (click here) who is making kyaraben for her girl until today....……^.^

And I've started my very 1st bento in July 2011 for my girl, aged 3 and picky in food that time...I was happy when seeing she finished almost the whole bento... and from that day onwards, I'll try my best to prepare bento for her from time to time.

Bento #1 - Hello Kitties Riding On A Car Bento
(ingredients: carrot, cauliflower, sausage, yellow sweet pepper and white rice)

自从不经意地看到 Anne Teoh 准备的可爱爱心便当, 我就开始蠢蠢欲动了。。。

当时我的大女儿才3岁, 很挑食而且用餐也很慢。。 我真的快疯了, 每次用餐的时候都重复催她 “快点呀!怎么还不吞?”。。。就这样。。。 在2011年的7月份, 我开始了第一份爱心便当。。。这份便当还算蛮大的(另有菜肴在下层), 她竟然差不多啃完哦! 我真的好开心, 我想应该是便当里头的卡通把她给吸引住了吧。。。

自此以后,时间允许的话, 我都会给她准备可爱便当 (虽然不是每次都吃光光啦。。。)


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