Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Bento #115 Pocket Bears Bento

Another simple bento.... I had transformed the cocktail sausages into bears, and put on top of the semi-round pocket breads which stuffed with green leaf & a slice of cherry tomato....and added in strawberry, tomato, checkered apple, broccoli and green leaf too... :0

又是一份简单易做的便当 ^-^

我把迷你香肠改造成熊熊。。。 把椭圆形的芝士片做成它的鼻子, 再贴上海苔鼻头, 最后加上熊熊的海苔眼睛。。。再把熊熊放在事先准备好的口袋面包开口处上方 (里头加了各一小片生菜 &  樱桃番茄, 涂上少许美乃姿)。。。另加草莓, 苹果, 生菜, 西兰花点缀饭盒。。。

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