Friday, June 21, 2013

Bento #149 Doraemon Bento

How is my Doraemon?

I just love the blue colour from the blue peas flowers... and this time I used the blued rice to make it into Doraemon character, the face details are cooked ham, crabstick and boiled kombu.

Food in the box: crispy roast pork belly, sauteed vegie, cherry tomatoes, carrot and some green leaf
Fruit bowl: peach, grapes and broccoli

here  you can see the blue peas flowers that I used to cook the blued rice, at the bottom left... the mushroom shown in the picture are the fresh straw mushroom that I had bought from Ganofarm, Tanjung Sepat... a place in fishing village that planting varies mushroom including Lingzhi (reishi) mushroom.

fresh straw mushroom

I've bake some muffins last few days too :)... the muffins are so soft and fluffy, we love them very much :D
Three batches of muffins were bake on the same day.... I've baked the blueberries muffins for the first batche (I just follow the original recipe, where blueberries are requested)... and since no more blueberries left, so i just omit it and turn them into original flavor muffins, hehe :D

these are the original flavor muffins


  1. I loved blue peas flower natural colour!! Nice doraemon bento and yummy muffins!

  2. The blue is so beautiful! I cannot get them in Singapore.. u are so lucky!

    1. thanks Shirley :)
      hope you will the flowers soon...

  3. yes! love the blue doraemon! i miss watching doraemon!