Monday, June 24, 2013

Bento #150 Sleeping Doggie Couple Bento

this is the dinner box for last Friday....

both of my kids and me myself love the inari very much.. but it is hard to find it at my place, and I'm so glad and thankful to Anne for helping me to buy the inari.

I was excited on the idea to turn the inari into doggie character. I trimmed the kombu to make them as doggies' ears and nose, doggies' eyes are cut out from nori sheet.

food in the box : fried shrimp paste chicken wing, sweet corn, broccoli, edamame sticks, cherry tomatoes, mini sausage, green leaf and carrot roses.


  1. I love aburaage too! yummy bento!

  2. Hello,

    I currently working on a project about interviewing people who makes bento.
    Do you mind dropping me an email for further details as I can't find ways to contact you beside commenting here.

    Looking forward to your message.

    Thank You

    1. hi Evangeline,

      I've replied on your FB page, pls check it out and you may contact me tru email provided or my FB account, thanks again...:)

  3. We've never had inari, but I see so many lovely bentos using it. This is one of them! Just adorable.

    1. thanks Rebecca :)
      you have to try the inari if there is a chance, it is really nice :D