Friday, July 26, 2013

Goldfish Dinner Plate

I'm going to practice more for food art on a plate, inspiration from Lee Samantha. Her creations is so awesome!! I love all her art works, full with stories and they are all touching art works....And may be you want to check on her art works too :).... Please click here for her blog or you may find her on FB too.... enjoy!!

Now back to the topic, my very first food art attempt on a plate.
Here come my goldfishes!! This idea actually inspired by Karen Wee's kyaraben dinner, I love her goldfishes which were made from mashed potatoes, they are so tiny and sweet :)

My goldfishes were Japanese short grain rice mixed with sauteed veggies ( Japanese cucumber, Shirataki mushrooms and carrot) and wrapped in sauteed prawns, cheese and nori for face details and fins were food picks.

Food in the plate were deep fried boneless tofu chicken (a recipe from HippoMum's 2nd book, which was just published) and some blanched sweet peas. Added in some English parsley and mayonnaise for deco.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Mom's Love In Bento: Trudeau Fuel Giveaway , by Bento Monsters

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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Trudeau Fuel Giveaway , by Bento Monsters

hey friends, Bento Monsters is having Trudeau Fuel Giveaway... faster join for the giveaway!! Good Luck!!
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Monday, July 22, 2013

Bento #156 Escaping Monkey Bento

Dinner bento for last Saturday :)

I seldom do my cooking during the weekend :P....In order to have enough time to snap photos for pictorials on the bento  making, I get myself to make a bento on last Saturday.

Monkey is fried tofu (豆干), cheese and nori for its face details. Sweet peas for the ladder, nori sheet and inari / aburage for the brick wall.

Food in the box are sauteed eggplant with dried shrimp, sweet sour squids, sakura tamagoyaki, cherry tomatoes, English parsley (香芹) and lettuce.

And I'm going to show you guys the pictorials on how this bento get done  :)

 1) get ready the tamagoyaki and a sakura thin egg sheet.

2) wrapped the tamagoyaki with the sakura thin egg sheet.

 3) and this is the ready cut sakura tamagoyaki.

4) cut out the monkey head from the tofu.

 5) cut out the monkey ears too and deep fry both the head and ears, set aside for cool.

 6) cut out the monkey face which was outlined on a baking sheet.

7) stick the paper on a piece of cheese and start cut out monkey face by using either a tooth pick or cake texture.  After done the cutting, you can just keep it in the fridge before use.

8) now, we assemble monkey ears and head with spaghetti sticks.

9) take out the cheese and put it on the fried tofu, and add the details which were cut out from nori sheet, set aside.

 10) prepare some vegetables.

11) scoop the rice into lunch box and press lightly with a cling wrap.

12) prepare a sheet of nori and a piece of inari (fried tofu pouch)

13) wrap 3/4 of the rice with the nori sheet and  get it back into lunch box after done.

14) cut the inari into brick blocks and arrange them on the nori, as the brick wall. And get some lettuce into the lunch box.

 15) arrange the dishes accordingly.

16) cut some blanched sweet pea and arrange it into a ladder.

17) lastly, put in the monkey.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Bento #155 Sheep Bento

Two little sheep for tonight dinner....

The sheep are blanched cauliflower, their face and ears are sausage, and legs are nori and cheese.
Food for today: sauteed mix vegetables, sausage, strawberry, mini orange, kiwi, blanched asparagus and blanched lettuce as grassland.


closer look at the sheep

Monday, July 15, 2013

Bento #154 Three Piggies Bento

piggies again?? yup....:P

Piggies are Inari sushi (where sushi rice is packed in the seasoned fried tofu pouches). Their ears and nose are cut out from Taiwanese sausages, other details are nori and filament crab stick. Food in the box are pork asparagus rolls, hard boiled egg, broccoli, cherry tomato, edamame, mini orange, salad leaves.

2 female + 1 male >.<

take a closer look at the piggies :)
Piggies bring lucks to me, hehe... so happy that this bento won the Happiness Bento (Kids Meal) for the month of July 2013, HippoMum Bento.Cafe
thanks to HippoMum and those who like this bento :)

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Bento #153 KinoKokeshi Bento

Recently, I found out there are Hakoya KinoKokeshi lunch boxes selling online. All of the six designs are so adorable, but the price is not cheap :P

I got to make one for my bento, even though I didn't own any of the boxes :P
And here is my own version of KinoKokeshi..... you like it?

I stuffed in some furikake in the white rice and wrapped with filament crab stick (for the red doll) and add some inari dots on its body part . For the yellow doll, I used thin egg sheet to cover the white rice which stuffed in some furikake and the flowers design are nori . The dolls head part are seaweed, with cheese face, nori and black sesame for the eyes and nose, filament crab stick for cheek, and decorated with sausage flowers.

Food in the box are fried boneless Mackeral fish, sauteed bitter gourd with egg, thin egg sheet flower, strawberries, mini mandarin, broccoli, sweet peas and salad leaf.


Thursday, July 4, 2013

Bento #152 Minion Banana Bento

Recently, Minions are so famous :)

Many bento friends are making Minions , the character of the movie Despicable Me 2. So, I just follow their steps :P

I've decorated tamagoyaki into only half top part of Minion's face.... the details are boiled seaweed and cheese. The wordings "BANANANA" are sweet yellow pepper.

Dishes for today: sauteed lotus root with carrot and button mushroom, sweet sour vegetarian chicken, broccoli, sweet pea, cherry tomatoes.