Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Bento #143 Little Tiger Bento

This tiger bento is for tonite dinner, requested by my younger girl... she's only 2yrs plus, and I know she cannot finish the whole bento by herself, so I asked her to share with her elder sister...:P
anyway,  I've added additional dish for her sister, and a bowl of soup for each of them too...

I've mixed the white rice with green food powder, the tiger is made from cheese and nori for the details...other food are tamagoyaki, sauteed mix vege, broccoli and cherry.

Bento #142 Hamtaro Bento

Here are the Hamtaro Bento for this morning..
Hamtaro are homemade cocoa bread stuffed with pandan kaya and butter spread, other food in the box are sweet corn, cherry, broccoli and quail egg in flower shaped.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Wonderful Giveaway, by Bento Makes Me Happy

hey guys, Bento Makes Me happy is hosting a wonderful giveaway...
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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Homemade Pandan Kaya

I had been wanting to make kaya (coconut jam) long time ago, but the cooking and stirring process make me think twice on it... until I got my bread maker, and this is time for me to make my own pandan kaya :O

This 100% natural pandan kaya recipe is from Angel @ Cook.Bake.Love, you may check her blog if you wish to make your own kaya spread...

hehe, my house is full of coconut aroma till the next morning :O

pandan kaya

Some bread loafs that baked for past weeks using my new kitchen helper, Kenwood Bread Maker BM250...

milo loaf

basic loaf

pumpkin loaf, I've baked this for 5-6 loafs over past weeks :P

see how soft the bread :)
red yeast loaf

Friday, May 17, 2013

Bento #141 Squids Bento

Here come the squids theme bento...
The idea of this creative & cute squids is came from a Japanese blog post. The squids are ham, sausage, nori and cheese. Side dish are grilled mayonnaise prawn, vegetarian mini sausage, grilled pumpkin slice, broccoli, sweet corn and green leaf.

Bento #140 Mameshiba Bento

Mameshiba? what is it? this is my first thought in my mind when I came across the pictures of the cute green toys in FB recently.. :P

Hhhaa, I've check tru the google search, and this is what I found... read here for more about Mameshiba :v

back to my bento, hehe...
the main box : white rice as base, green Mamemashi (white rice + green powder) with edamame ears and nori face details, yellow Mameshiba ( white rice + yellow powder) with cocktail ears and nori face details... sprinkled some furikake and edamame...
the side dish : sauteed fragrant flower buds with some wolfberries  (I just simply translated directly from chinese words, 夜香花 / 夜香兰),  salted egg, mini sausage, broccoli, tomato

p/s: click here for the photo of  夜香花 / 夜香兰, I will snap a photo on the flower buds next round  :)

Bento #139 Cupcake Bear Bento

I've made some steamed cupcakes on Wednesday, using the recipe posted by 5AM Bento. It's really a simple recipe and the taste is not bad too ... I've doubled the recipe to yield for 10 cupcakes... I reducedthe pancake mix and add in 10-15g of cocoa powder. I just omit the cake flour since I'd make a mistake, adding the cocoa powder to the pancake mix when sieving the flours and there is no chance for me to get 2 colours from the batter...the remaining ingredients still the same as in her post .... thanks to 5AM Bento for her sharing.

After the cakes were ready, I just decorated them into cutie bears.... cocktail for ears, cheese for mouth part and the rest are nori.

Pls refer to 5AM Bento , for the original recipe :D

Steamed Cupcake (for 10 muffin cups, size 5cm (d) x 3.5cm(h) )
1) Pancake mix 180g
2) Eggs 2 nos
3) Castor sugar 60g
4) Original flavor yogurt 60g
5) Milk 60ml
6) Unsalted butter 30g
7) Cocoa powder 10-15g (depends on the colour you like to have)

1) sieve the pancake mix and cocoa powder, set aside.
2) beat well the eggs and sugar until all the sugar are dissolved.
3) Add in the yogurt and milk. Mix well after each addition.
4) Add in the flours (few batches) into the mixture and mix well.
5) Add in the melted butter and mix well.
6) spoon the batter evenly into the cups.
7) steam at a medium-low flame for 15 minutes.. (you have to get your steamer boiling first before put in the ready-spooned batter)

transformed the steamed cupcakes into cutie bears

Bento #138 Oink Oink Bento

These bento were prepared somewhere in April'13....

A quick, simple and easy-to-prepare bento ... piggy sandwich with butter and strawberry jam, boiled sweet corn, strawberry, blueberries and orange.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Monbento Giveaway

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