Friday, May 17, 2013

Bento #140 Mameshiba Bento

Mameshiba? what is it? this is my first thought in my mind when I came across the pictures of the cute green toys in FB recently.. :P

Hhhaa, I've check tru the google search, and this is what I found... read here for more about Mameshiba :v

back to my bento, hehe...
the main box : white rice as base, green Mamemashi (white rice + green powder) with edamame ears and nori face details, yellow Mameshiba ( white rice + yellow powder) with cocktail ears and nori face details... sprinkled some furikake and edamame...
the side dish : sauteed fragrant flower buds with some wolfberries  (I just simply translated directly from chinese words, 夜香花 / 夜香兰),  salted egg, mini sausage, broccoli, tomato

p/s: click here for the photo of  夜香花 / 夜香兰, I will snap a photo on the flower buds next round  :)