Friday, July 26, 2013

Goldfish Dinner Plate

I'm going to practice more for food art on a plate, inspiration from Lee Samantha. Her creations is so awesome!! I love all her art works, full with stories and they are all touching art works....And may be you want to check on her art works too :).... Please click here for her blog or you may find her on FB too.... enjoy!!

Now back to the topic, my very first food art attempt on a plate.
Here come my goldfishes!! This idea actually inspired by Karen Wee's kyaraben dinner, I love her goldfishes which were made from mashed potatoes, they are so tiny and sweet :)

My goldfishes were Japanese short grain rice mixed with sauteed veggies ( Japanese cucumber, Shirataki mushrooms and carrot) and wrapped in sauteed prawns, cheese and nori for face details and fins were food picks.

Food in the plate were deep fried boneless tofu chicken (a recipe from HippoMum's 2nd book, which was just published) and some blanched sweet peas. Added in some English parsley and mayonnaise for deco.


  1. Cute fishes! Everyone is into the food art these days!

    1. thanks Shirley...
      yup, everybody is attracted with the food art now!!
      I bought 2 plates to play on them, haha.....

  2. Yay...all inspired by Samantha too :p

    Your goldfishes looks so yummy & cute ^_^ Well done!