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Valentine's Day Bento Contest, by CasaBento

Good news to share with all the bento lovers....
CasaBento is organising a Valentine's Day Bento Photo competition... Please check on their website for more details, click here....
Have fun & Good Luck !!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Bento #122 Year Of Snake 2013 Bento

2013 is Year Of The Snake, and according to Chinese lunar calendar, it will start on 4th February....Snake is the 6th animal in Chinese horoscope order sequence....

here is my very first snake theme bento....

the snake is egg sheet, cheese, nori and crab stick filament... leaves are sweet pea...
other foods in the rest of the compartments :
top left: sauteed pea sprouts with whitebait (银鱼), boiled egg, carrot sakura & edamame, cherry tomato.....
top right: pan-fried black peppered salmon, fish balls and green leaf.....
bottom right : boiled mini sausages, prawns, corn, broccoli, edamame and carrot sakura....

Bento #123 Little Chick Bento

Piyo piyo.... a little chick is pipping all the way out from its shell.....

I bought some baked Ji Dan Gao (literally "egg cake") yesterday, and decided only this morning, to decorate it with the wording " piyo piyo" and tulips too...the little chick is boiled quail egg, nori for its eyes & feet, carrot for its beak.... and decorate with some chick picks....
fruits for today : strawberry & golden kiwi....

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

An Awesome Giveaway, holding by Eats Amazing!

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Good Luck !!

Friday, January 18, 2013

Bento #121 Hungry Cat Bento

A hungry skinny black cat is desire for more fish....
I placed a small piece of sandwich at the bottom, and covered the 1/3 part with nori, and followed by 2 different colour of egg sheets.... the cat was cheese & nori....
other food in the lunch box: a small piece corn decorated on top with flower cut egg sheet, cheese & nori fish..... some broccoli, strawberries... and lastly fill up with some crab stick meat rolls...

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Bento #119 & #120 Domo-Kun Bento

I had prepared 2 sets of bento for today.... the left one is for my elder girl's tea break in kindergarten, and the right one is for my younger monster....

I used chinese steamed cake " malaikoh" , and decorated it into Domo... Domo's eyes are nori &'s mouth is crab stick meat & cheese as the teeth....
other food in the lunch box : mini sausages, edamame, broccoli, strawberries and dragon fruit (pitaya)... 

Monday, January 14, 2013

Another Giveaway by Bento , Monsters

Bento, Monsters is having another awesome giveaway now,  "400th Post Giveaway"....faster get yourself into it.. ^-^
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Good Luck Everyone !!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Bento Made In Year 2012 (Part I)

Bento # 26, 27 Garden Snail Bento  

After stop for bento-making about 7 months++, I get back into it again...:P... this year onwards, I need to wake up early, in order to get done the bento for my elder girl who's starting her kindergarten life....she's pretty enjoyed the bento bring along to school, even though school do provide kids with foods....teachers and kids enjoyed seeing all her bento too..... ^0^....

this is the 1st bento made in year 2012, and I had prepared extra set for my little young girl, excited seeing her sister bento... at the end I myself finished most of the food, haha....

the snail spiral shell was made from sliced light wheat bread rolled with cheese and topped with cheese flowers.... its head was mini sausage with nori nose and smiling expression...the tentacles were uncooked spaghetti, the eyespots were bread and nori.... and a flower bread with cheese on top was added in.... 2 strawberries and some broccoli added in too for each lunch box... :)

2012年,柔柔开始上幼儿园了。。。我也必须早起为她准备便当了。。。她会先吃学校为孩子们准备的食物, 再享受妈妈的便当。。。幼儿园里的老师们小朋友们都好喜欢看她的便当, 有些老师告诉我, 他们都期待今天妈妈又为柔柔准备什么款式的便当啊!。。。。我听了, 自然开心咯。。。不过,不是每天都会有便当的, 因为有时候我很烂睡, 有时候没点子, 有时候没材料。。。 哈哈

“花园里的蜗牛” 。。。这是2012年里的第一份便当。。。。 我也准备了多一份, 好让那个馋嘴的小女儿享受。。。 到最后还是我帮她清理完大部分的食物。。。哈哈

蜗牛的壳是面包和芝士片卷成的, 再加上芝士片花朵。。。 头的部分是迷你香肠, 嘴巴 & 鼻子是海苔按压出来的。。。 它的的触角是意大利面条, 眼睛是面包 & 紫菜。。。再加进一朵面包花, 花朵型的芝士片在上方。。。。最后, 排入2颗草莓 & 一些西兰花。。。

Bento #28 The Lion King Bento

Is a lion or tiger? My girl told me that it is tiger!! haha... I told her there is no tiger stripes on the character, so it is lion... she accepted it, even though it is not so looked like lion!  

I had placed some green leaf as the base, followed by a piece of chinese traditional cake or "kueh", called XiPan...and decorated it into lion character... some strawberries, cucmber and a mini sausage with funny expression.... a mini waffle for her too... she was happy then...

狮子还是老虎? 柔柔说 “ 妈咪,是老虎。”。。。 哈哈, 我回答说 “ 可是它身上没有老虎的斑纹喔, 应该是狮子啦。” 她还是欣然接受啦, 因为她看到喜爱的零食了, 维华饼!!

这只狮子王没有平时的霸气, 今天变得有点可爱了呐。。。 

Bento #29 Fish Bento

A very simple & time saving bento...
the 'fat' fishes were kueh bahulu, the fish scales were punched out from nori, eyes and tails were cheese and nori... and decorated their mouth with food picks...
the 'skinny' fishes were turnip and nori...and I had added in cucumber slices and a small piece of boiled corn....

"肥肥"鱼是传统烘鸡蛋糕, “苗条”鱼是芜菁(sengkuang)。。。。再加上黄瓜片 & 玉蜀黍。。。

Bento #30 Shaun The Sheep Bento

Timmy Time!! I had transformed the steamed bun into sheep, and decorated with some broccoli as the grassland... some mango cubes & strawberries , and decorated the lunch box with some cute food picks...

“小小羊蒂米” 来咯!
蒂米的身躯是馒头演变成的,头的部份有芝士片 & 海苔。。。西兰花变成了大草原。。。水果有芒果 & 草莓。。。。

Bento #31 Ladybug Bento

I got this inspiration from Susanyuen's blog....
I had transformed the round shaped sandwich into ladybug, cheese elytra with nori spots on it... some golden & green kiwis and a piece of mini waffles...

瓢虫的点子来自Susanyuen的部落格。。。。瓢虫下方是涂了果酱的圆形面包, 上方是芝士片 & 海苔。。。 排入了一些两色奇异果, 还有一片迷你维华饼 。。。。

Bento #32 Lovely Chicks Couple Bento 

Another simple & quick bento...
2 pocket sandwich chicks stuffed with strawberry jam, food picks as their beaks..... I had boiled some broccoli and a small piece of corn her and put in some grapes too.....

“小鸡便当”  容易又省时。。。

Bento #33 Bear Bento

Bento #34 Bees In The Garden Bento


Bento #35 Sponge Bob Bento

Bento #36 Piggy In The Float Bento

Bento #37 Happy Journey Bento

Bento #38 Froggie Bento

Bento #39 Bunnies Bento

Bento #40 Snoopy Bento

Bento #41 Jack and Jill Bento

Bento #42 Munching Mouse Bento

Bento #43 Butter Cake Bento

Bento #44 Fish Bento

Bento #45 Ugly Owl Bento

Bento #46 Koala Bear Sailing In A Sunny Day Bento

Bento #47 Assorted Sushi Bento

Bento #48 Panda Bento

Bento #49 Chocolate Waffle Bento

Bento #50 Sausage Doggie Bento

Bento #51 Little Owl & Mr Tangerine Bento

Bento #52 Baby Penguin Bask In The Sun Bento

Bento #53 The Shepherd And Sheep Bento

Bento #54 Chicks Bento

Bento #55 Caterpillar Bento

Bento #56 Sweet Dreams Bento

Bento #57 Joy Of Spring Bento

Bento #58 Bon Odori Summer Festival 2012

Bento #59 Sunny Day Bento

Bento #60 Anpanman & Dokin-chan Bento

to be continued.....

Friday, January 11, 2013

Bento #118 Morning Blooming Flowers Bento

since no idea what I can do for the balance of the mini buns, I just simply decorated them with flowers, looked like flowers blooming in the morning....hope the morning sun will brings you a new fresh day ^0^....

2 mini buns decorated with some crabmeat strips, cheese flowers, and black sesame... sun gold kiwi & green kiwi as fruits for today, a tomato and some green leaf to fill up the lunch box.... that's all, a really simple & time saving bento... haha

今天想着没有可爱的点子, 就随便来个超级简单的吧!重要的是先解决掉剩下的迷你红豆面包, 呵呵。。。。。

随意地把 “ 早晨盛开的花朵” 贴上算了。。。。再加些黑芝麻在花朵上。。。
水果有2色奇异果。。。 为了填满空位, 我就加了樱桃小番茄 & 生菜。。。搞掂 ^0^

希望来临的周末能整理好2012年的便当资料 , 再来分享。。。

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Bento #117 Miffy Cup Breads Bento

For today, I've made this cute bento for my girl.. the bento portion is quite big for her, but I told her it will ok if you cannot finish all the food, just bring back, your younger sister will like to have the balance... hahaaa

3 mini red bean paste buns sitting in small food cups, topped with flower shape base and Miffy (both cut off from 2 types of cheese), nori for the eyes, nose, ribbons and tomato sauce as Miffy's cheeks...
and the side dishes were mini sausages, broccoli, tomato, sweet peas, strawberry and golden kiwi... and tomato sauce too...


今天是 “ 米菲兔杯子面包 ” 的诞生。。。每个杯子的下方是迷你红豆面包,贴上花型芝士片,再来就是米菲兔咯。。。米菲兔的两颊是番茄酱。。。

其它食物有:香煎迷你香肠, 樱桃小番茄,西兰花, 甜豆, 草莓 & 新西兰 黄金奇异果。。。还有番茄酱。。。

Bento #116 Happy Whale Bento

Actually this bento was prepared yesterday, 9th January....

the main menu was 2 pieces of bread with strawberry jam & butter, and covered with an egg sheet. The whale was cut out from cheese and nori, added in the egg sheet smiling expression, crab meat cheek...decorated with some boiled carrots.... fruits for the day were kiwi and strawberries :)


鲸鱼的底部是芝士片切割成的, 再贴上海苔剪成的部位。。鲸鱼微笑的部位是蛋皮 & 蟹肉, 眼睛是芝士片 & 海苔。。。。

主食是涂了果酱&奶油的土司, 再铺上蛋皮。。。那鲸鱼就这样舒服的躺着了, 呵呵。。。我也摆了一些花型红萝卜在比较空白的角落。。。今天的水果有草莓 & 奇异果。。。

And it was  a good fine day to me and my girls,we won the 3rd prize in Christmas Bento Contest 2012 organised by CasaBento, we really happy then.... thanks to CasaBento and all the judges :)... and not forget too to congrats the other winners " Congratulations!! "


早前参加了一项 “ 2012 圣诞便当 ” 比赛。。期待已久的成绩终于公佈了。。。我得奖了, 意想不到的第三名嘢。。。好开心喔!!

谢谢主办当局, 还有评审们。。。 也在这里恭喜其他得奖者!

You may refer to the links below, view for more details....... enjoy yourself!! 
1) result for the "Christmas Bento Contest 2012", CasaBento

2) the entries for the contest

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Try Your Lucks On The Giveaway By Bento Monsters

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