Friday, January 11, 2013

Bento #118 Morning Blooming Flowers Bento

since no idea what I can do for the balance of the mini buns, I just simply decorated them with flowers, looked like flowers blooming in the morning....hope the morning sun will brings you a new fresh day ^0^....

2 mini buns decorated with some crabmeat strips, cheese flowers, and black sesame... sun gold kiwi & green kiwi as fruits for today, a tomato and some green leaf to fill up the lunch box.... that's all, a really simple & time saving bento... haha

今天想着没有可爱的点子, 就随便来个超级简单的吧!重要的是先解决掉剩下的迷你红豆面包, 呵呵。。。。。

随意地把 “ 早晨盛开的花朵” 贴上算了。。。。再加些黑芝麻在花朵上。。。
水果有2色奇异果。。。 为了填满空位, 我就加了樱桃小番茄 & 生菜。。。搞掂 ^0^

希望来临的周末能整理好2012年的便当资料 , 再来分享。。。


  1. This looks pretty cute ^^. Simple things can become extraordinary if we have an imagination. I absolutely adore simple things so for me this bento is perfect. Warm greetings! ^^

  2. hi,
    thanks for dropping by and your compliments...happy to hear that :0