Thursday, January 10, 2013

Bento #117 Miffy Cup Breads Bento

For today, I've made this cute bento for my girl.. the bento portion is quite big for her, but I told her it will ok if you cannot finish all the food, just bring back, your younger sister will like to have the balance... hahaaa

3 mini red bean paste buns sitting in small food cups, topped with flower shape base and Miffy (both cut off from 2 types of cheese), nori for the eyes, nose, ribbons and tomato sauce as Miffy's cheeks...
and the side dishes were mini sausages, broccoli, tomato, sweet peas, strawberry and golden kiwi... and tomato sauce too...


今天是 “ 米菲兔杯子面包 ” 的诞生。。。每个杯子的下方是迷你红豆面包,贴上花型芝士片,再来就是米菲兔咯。。。米菲兔的两颊是番茄酱。。。

其它食物有:香煎迷你香肠, 樱桃小番茄,西兰花, 甜豆, 草莓 & 新西兰 黄金奇异果。。。还有番茄酱。。。


  1. thanks Anne...:)
    my younger girl also love her jiejie's bento... so, I made another 2 Miffy & some sausages for her(mini bento)... haha