Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Bento #119 & #120 Domo-Kun Bento

I had prepared 2 sets of bento for today.... the left one is for my elder girl's tea break in kindergarten, and the right one is for my younger monster....

I used chinese steamed cake " malaikoh" , and decorated it into Domo... Domo's eyes are nori & cheese...it's mouth is crab stick meat & cheese as the teeth....
other food in the lunch box : mini sausages, edamame, broccoli, strawberries and dragon fruit (pitaya)... 


  1. Great idea! This Domo's simple and really pretty at the same time . Your girls probably had a lot of fun with these meals ^^.

  2. thanks for the kind words...:)
    yup, they quite enjoyed the meals... but they dun like the white pitaya, more prefer to the sweet red pitaya...:P