Saturday, June 15, 2013

Bento #147 The Frog Prince Hello Kitty Bento

And I've prepared bento for tonite dinner too... this is my first time doing the Hello Kitty theme bento. I found my HK  a little odd, do you feel the same? :P

The main box is white rice covered with an egg sheet. Followed by the Hello Kitty wearing frog designed costume, they are made from egg sheets, crabstick and nori.

Food in the dish box are chicken nuggets, braised peanuts, pickled gherkins, edamame, okra, broccoli, green leaf, blueberries and pomegranate.

I'm so happy that this bento was picked as the featured bento for Week 89/90/91. Thanks again to all and Diana Hansen for this special blog button :D

Bento of the Week Winner


  1. I like to made HK coz its easy and that's when my daughter started to LOVE HK so much!!

    Just a suggestion, u can try put kitty eyes slightly away from the nose. But overall its still CUTE!!!

    1. thanks dear, thanks for your suggestion. :D

  2. it still looks cute! your egg sheets are done really well, very smooth! the yellow and green color is so bright too!