Thursday, March 21, 2013

Bento #134 Triplets Rabbits Bento

For today's meal box, I packed a slice of Chinese steamed egg cake for each of my girl and the little boy, named Yung.... decorated the egg cakes with 3 rabbits, and a food pick as the sun....
other foods in the box: sausages, broccoli, cherry tomatoes, dragon fruit balls, Japanese cucumber and tomato ketchup in the small container

this is for the little boy

and my girl choose the pink meal box for herself


  1. Cute bunnies, n very nicely packed box. :)

    1. thanks Ming...
      anyway, I packed these bento in rush, the bunnies all in sad mood..:p

  2. So cute! Love the dragon fruit balls, I can never scoop them nicely myself.