Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Bento #133 St. Patrick's Pixie and Dixie Bento

This is the bento I made yesterday for dinner at home....I've been thinking the ideas for St. Patrick's Day bento since last 2 weeks, finally settled with these mice which I saw  it on my girl's colour pencils box cover.... this time, I took the challenge on the nori trimming after seeing so many nori artwork bento by Karen Wee

The nori trimming part really took me hours to finish...luckily the result came out good and I'm very very happy on the mice...firstly, I outlined the mice on a piece of baking sheet, then only attached with the nori sheet and start the trimming... then sticked the trimmed nori on the cheese on and off, paste here and there... may be this is the tedious part, until I've forgot to trim for their beards!! My goodness!! Mice without beards :D

I made their eye balls in green and blue colour, but it turned out in dark after awhile, may be because of the nori at the bottom made them change colour, I'm not so sure, hehe...
The ribbon is coloured quill egg, the cloth is crabstick, the St. Patrick's hats are sweet pea, cheese and nori.....the Irish shamrock is sweet pea too...:) and I sprinkled some small pieces broccoli on the rice...

Foods in the other box: fried quill egg meat ball, sauteed French beans with carrot, cocktail sausages, corn, honey cherry tomato, broccoli, sweet pea and some green leaf.

mice without beards ^c^

finally found their beards this morning ^o^

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  1. This is amazing and nice nori cutting! I didn't followed the baking sheet while cutting my nori as I wanna finished it quick! Haha...but you really did well!

    Thanks for mention my name dear :)

    1. thanks dear....
      this is my 1st time on such tiny nori cutting....I'm not confident on hands free cutting, so I got to draft the characters on the baking sheet 1st, then trim based on the line drafted...hehe

  2. So cute!!! The characters are amazing!

  3. I love those little mice! The way you did the nori is so detailed!

  4. your nori cutting is so precise! Impressive!