Monday, March 18, 2013

Bento #132 Easter Bread Boys Bento

I packed two set of bento this morning, as usual one is for my girl , and the other set is for the son of my girl's teacher ....:D... I hope the boy will like it ....

I baked some butter dinner buns yesterday... my original plan was baking the doughs into chicks pattern, I had even decorated the doughs with chocolate chips as their eyes and cashew nut as their peaks.... however, unfortunately all the buns came out with the melted eyes, so sad :(

so, I have to change my plan.... and this is the only idea got in my mind while staring at the nose part, I had transformed the buns into boy's face, the details are cheese, nori and crabstick.... other food added in are honey cherry tomatoes, broccoli, green leaf and Easter quill eggs.... fruits are papaya and strawberry.....

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