Friday, March 8, 2013

Bento #128 Stitch Bento

This is my second bento for today, which I prepared for dinner.....
I cooked the rice with some extract from butterfly pea flower , and transformed the rice balls into  Stitch's face and ears...the colour is so nice, but I'm not satisfied with the details on Stitch... the eyes and ears look weird... I should make the eyes bigger and not so oval in shape...


  1. where did you get the butterfly tea powder???? I WANT SOME! I am so excited to see blue natural food color looking soooo nice! PS Stitch looks great dont be so hard on yourself! My kiddo would love this!

    1. thanks Julie....
      actually is butterfly pea flower, is a plant with flowers in blue colour... I'm not sure whether u can get it from your place :P.... may be u can mixed the blue edible food colouring :D